Business Headshots

With business portraits, clients generally know their audience so we can usually very quicky determine an appropriate background or setting.

Clients are provided all high resolution files, important for many business applications requiring both print and on-line publishing requirements.

Studio Photography

For studio sessions, typically we discuss in advance the look and feel needed. The session may included a classic studio background, and sometimes an alternate look, for a different purpose,or audience. A good strategy for any session is to take care of all immediate and future image requirements.

Location Photography

Often it can make sense to shoot at the customer location. In addition to being convenient for clients, it can also provide opportunities for group portraits, "at work" shots. Also, it may be important to include settings and backgrounds at the company site, and even products. These environmental portraits on location can present opportunities for stand-out and unique images.

  • Corporate Headshot
  • Professional Business Headshot
  • Airline Pilot Headshot
  • Business Woman - Portrait
  • Portrait Business Casual
  • Portrait Woman in Sweater
  • Executive Portrait for Business Casual
  • Business Woman Headshot