Promotional Photography

Unlike the traditional headshot, where the audience, often casting directors, require a clear and evenly lit portrait, there are no rules here- our goal is to be expressive, uncommon and creative. Actually, breaking a few of these rules can often serve us well, providing images that are noteworty, cutting through the noise and the competition.

Unconventional lighting, attire, props and posing can help get us "outside the box" for unique and stand-out images. Innovative ideas and concepts are always welcome. And experimenting can be rewarding. Not everything works on a shoot, it's a creative process that we work through, to turn out compelling and original photos.

Customers receive all original high resolution images and all usage rights.  Images shown here were shot in the NE Atlanta studio.

  • musician portrait - tuba
  • half length portrait
  • boxing portrait
  • Photography - seated
  • Singer Portraiture
  • Full Length Portfolio Session
  • Woman Smoking Cigar Photography